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What is a stepper motor used for?

Stepper motors have a wide range of applications in numerous industries and disciplines, with some of the more common uses being:

Printing and scanning, including in 3D printers
Process automation and packaging machinery
Positioning of valve pilot stages for fluid control systems
Precision positioning equipment
In this section, we’ll look a little more closely at some of these everyday applications.

Stepper motors for 3D printers
Common 3D printer parts lists almost always include a stepper motor of some description. This is because the use of a stepper motor in a 3D printer is an highly accurate and cost-effective way of being able to perform very precise, accurate actions and rotations while the printer is attempting to translate information from digital scans into physical 3D objects.

Stepper motors for CNC
Stepper motors are an alternative option to servo motors for powering most types of CNC machinery. CNC applications include a very wide range of manufacturing processes in which pre-programmed computer software controls the operation and physical movement of machine tools in factory and fabrication settings.

Stepper motors for Raspberry Pi
Stepper motors are a common peripheral for adding to Raspberry Pi single-board computing modules for home enthusiast users teaching themselves the fundamentals of basic computer programming skills.

Stepper motors for cameras
Stepper motors are widely used across a range of different applications in high-end camera technologies. They’re used both to control extreme precision internals, such as in-lens autofocus and aperture settings, as well as in the housings and external mechanics of security cameras and remote monitoring systems.

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