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Switching Power Supply

Oyostepper offers a variety of stepper system power supplies, so how do you know which one is the right one for your application? When choosing a DC power supply for your stepper motor, you’re going to want to take note of three things: the voltage, the current, and the power supply type. In general, 24V is recommended and a power supply that is rated for at least 20% more than is required provides some headroom.The most complicated factor of these three is usually voltage and current, so we’ll cover those first. When using a stepper motor, you'll need a cnc power supply to give power to stepper motor. A right power supply can make your stepper motor working at optimum performance, Instead, a wrong power supply might cause low performance or larger waste of energy. We have a wide range of fairly-priced stepper motor power supplies that are sure to fulfill all your requirements and parameters. If you have any question in choosing stepper motor switching power supply, please feel free to contact our customer service.

Switching Power Supply Comment
  • 100W 24V 4.5A 115/230V Switching Power Supply Stepper Motor CNC Router Kits
    Used this drive to run 8 stepper motors in a system (2 at a time max.). No dramas what so ever. Very good value for money when compared to one we payed $100+ for!
    James Read     13/11/2017
  • 350W 48V 7.3A 115/230V Switching Power Supply Stepper Motor CNC Router Kits
    This supply is fairly stable when not connected to a driver or motor. The back EMF from my NEMA 24 did cause the voltage to fluctuate some (47.0 to 48.2 volts) But did not cause any problems with my driver or motor. My DM542T driver can accept up to 50 volts, so I would recommend 1 to 1.5 volts from max of your driver input so that back EMF will not cause you to exceed the input voltage of a driver.. I do not fault the supply for this, it is just the mature of driving a stepper motor to high rpm and slowing it back down to a stop. This supply shows no signs of stress or heat when operating a NEMA 24 at 1350 RPMs for a continuous 25 minutes. I highly recommend this supply up to at least NEMA 24 motor sizes.
    Jeff     02/10/2017
  • 201W 12V 16.5A 115/230V Switching Power Supply Stepper Motor CNC Router Kits
    Powered right on. No issues with use. Almost completely silent.
    Aaron     25/03/2017