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Driving Voltage(V)
Output Current(A)
Max. Pulse Input(kHZ)
Pulse Width(μs)

Closed-loop Stepper Driver

The Advantage of Closed-Loop Stepper Driver

A closed-loop stepper driver, also known as a closed-loop stepper controller or closed-loop stepper motor system, is a type of control system that combines the benefits of both stepper motors and feedback mechanisms. It integrates a stepper motor with an encoder or position sensor to provide real-time feedback on the motor's position.

Closed-loop stepper drivers offer several advantages over open-loop stepper systems. They provide better position accuracy, eliminate position errors caused by missed steps, and offer improved reliability by actively responding to disturbances or changes in load conditions. Closed-loop systems are especially beneficial in applications where precise positioning is required, such as CNC machines, 3D printers, robotics, and automation systems.