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Flange Size(mm)
Rated Power(W)
Rated Speed(rpm)
Rated Voltage(V)
Rated Torque(Nm)
Rated Torque(oz.in)
Rated Current(A)
No. of Poles
No. of Phases
Shaft Diameter(mm)
Shaft Length(mm)
Body Length(mm)
No. of Lead
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Brushless DC Motor (BLDC)

Brushless DC Motor (BLDC Motor) or Brushed DC Motors are widly used in running electric vehicles, they are also utilized in medical applications such as a treatment for sleep apnea. Positive Airway Pressure (PAP) respirators are used, to treat this illness, and this medical device utilizes BLDC motors to power up the blower fan. This fan gives off PAP to help the sick breathe comfortable as they sleep. The fan will provide air to the patient’s lungs according to how much the patient needs. BLDC motor for sale are a better option to power up these blower fans because it can operate without in a much-controlled speed.

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