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AC Gear Motor

An AC gear motor is a motor that is coupled with a gearbox or transmission. A gear motor adds mechanical gears to change the speed and torque of the motor for a particular application. This is typically done to reduce speed and increase torque. AC gear motors are designed to have a lot of force, or torque, while operating at low speeds. They have an output of 1,200 to 3,600 revolutions per minute, or RPMs, and use the power of a magnetic field. It can help change electrical current into mechanical power and can be used in everything from household appliances to large industrial machines. Unlike DC gearmotors that can be both brushed and brushless, all AC gearmotors are brushless. This means they don't have a commutator with 'brushes' which wear down over time. An AC gearmotor therefore is more durable. It's a small, inexpensive motor suitable for low torque, high speed applications. Combined with a different rectangular gearbox, this motor will provide greater efficiency, higher torque, and quieter motor operation. Browse a selection of shaded-pole motors from oyostepper. You can find a wide selection of replacement AC gearmotors. They help provide ample force to help operate lifts, medical tables, jacks and robotics. If you have any problem in choosing AC gear motor or shaded-pole motor, please feel free to contact us.