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Step Angle(°)
Holding Torque (Ncm)
Holding Torque (oz.in)
Rated Current (A)
Phase Resistance(ohm)
Shaft Type
Single Shaft/Dual Shaft
Shaft Diameter(mm)
No. of Lead
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Nema 8 Stepper Motors

Motion Control Products range of 20mm (NEMA8) Hybrid stepper motors are ideal for applications where size and cost is an important factor. Our NEMA 8 stepepr motors can be supplied with a variety of housings, single or double shaft options, winding configurations and IP rating options - please contact our sales office for further information.

NEMA 8 frame (20mm square) is the smallest size of hybrid stepping motor. We supply NEMA 8 stepper motor with 1.8 degree step angle and a weight of only 50g. We also customize the winding to perfectly match your voltage and current. If you want to buy NEMA 8 stepper motor,Our store is definitely your best choice.Our Step motor technology utilizes a simple design to create an effective solution for many applications requiring reasonable accuracy and torque. Get a stepper motor that meets your requirements precisely. Shop with confidence!

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