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Step Angle(°)
Holding Torque (Ncm)
Holding Torque (oz.in)
Phase Resistance(ohm)
Rated Current (A)
Shaft Type
Single Shaft/Dual Shaft
Shaft Diameter(mm)
No. of Lead

Hybrid Stepper Motor

Why buy a hybrid stepper motor?
Hybrid stepper motors also called HB stepping motor, combine the features of variable reluctance stepper motor and permanent magnet step motor. It controls the angle movement by controlling the impulse imput, so that it could realize an accurate positioning. They are widely used in so many machines that used every day personally or commercially. Also it is used in ticketing machines, medical devices, ATM machines, printing machines, and food grinding machines, surveillance devices, consumer electronics, and so much more.What's more is that it offers longer life expectancy as it does not use brushes. The absence of brushes makes it operational for longer hours up to 7,000 hours at the least.Hybrid stepper motors is a combination of both permanent magnet and variable reluctance; thus, making a single device even more practical, convenient, and powerful and the two types. In just a small-sized component, you can get maximum power as the uses of both types are integrated into one device. If you have any question in choosing cheap hybrid stepper motor, please feel free to contact us.

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