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Captive Linear Stepper Motor

In a captive linear actuator design, the lead screw nut is integrated directly into the motor. The screw is connected to a spline shaft, so when the motor turns, the spline bushing prevents the lead screw from rotating but allows enough clearance for the shaft to move axially as the lead screw is driven back and forth with a corresponding clockwise and counterclockwise turn of the motor. The anti-rotation feature is inherent in the design and creates a stand-alone unit that pushes and pulls whatever device to which it is attached. Captive linear stepper motor actuator for easy installation and reliable performance. Available in NEMA 8, 11, 14, 17 and 23 different pedestal sizes, a wide range of lead and effective length screws are available. It is widely used to control airflow in HVAC systems with automated dampers in the ductwork. They work particularly well due to their quiet operation, compact size, and ability to function in dusty/dirty environments. We offer a wide variety of options, not only in features such as custom machining and materials, but also in their basic design and operation.