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Motor Type
Frame Size(mm)
Lead Screw Length(mm)
Lead Screw Diameter(mm)
Linear Travel / Step(mm)
Lead Revolution(mm)
Minimal Thrust(N)
Rated Current (A)
Phase Resistance(ohm)
No. of Lead

Linear Stepper Motor

Linear stepper motors actuators are an effective solution for converting rotary motion into linear, especially when the application doesn't require the precision of a closed-loop servo motor/encoder. It can usually be divided into three types according to their construction: external, non-captive and captive.

A linear actuator stepper motor is a mechanical device which produces force, as well as motion along a straight path. A linear stepper motor actuator uses the core principles of a stepper motor, with some slight modifications. With the stepper actuator, the shaft of a normal stepper motor is replaced with a precision lead screw, and the rotor is tapped to convert it to a precision nut that is adjusted to the lead screw.

Linear stepper motors can dramatically reduce cost and save space. There is no coupling, no additional bearing support and no assembly work required. This not only reduce cost but also reduce failure rate due to the less number of components and more simple construction. In applications with small load ratings a linear guide is also not required. The special design and material of the nut secure long life operations.

Our hybrid linear stepper motor actuators are fit for applications requiring a combination of precise positioning, rapid motion and long life. Typical applications include medical equipment, Linear XY Tables, semiconductor handling, telecommunications equipment, control valves, and numerous other applications.

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