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Stepper Motor Driver

How to choose proper stepper motor driver

Choosing the right stepper driver for you stepper motor is important because it will allow you to get the maximum amount of performance out of your motor. To choose the correct stepper driver, buyers must consider their budget, the intended application of the stepper motor, and the required features. Buyers should ascertain which drives are compatible with the motor in question, since some motors will not work with an incorrect drive. The required features are also important considerations.

When purchasing stepper motor drivers, also called controllers, several factors must be taken into consideration. Buyers should make sure that the motor is compatible with the driver, as there are several different types. The number of wires in the motor determines whether a bipolar or unipolar driver is required. Maximum current input and output of the motor also impact which driver to purchase, as do features such as step modes, step frequency, and protection circuitry.

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