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Bipolar Stepper Motor

A bipolar stepper motor for sale has one winding per stator phase. A two phase bipolar stepper motor will have 4 leads. In a bipolar stepper we don’t have a common lead like in a uni-polar stepper motor. Hence, there is no natural reversal of current direction through the winding.

A bipolar stepper motor has easy wiring arrangement but its operation is little complex. In order to drive a bipolar stepper, we need a driver IC with an internal H bridge circuit. This is because, in order to reverse the polarity of stator poles, the current needs to be reversed. This can only be done through a H bridge.

Bipolar stepper motors are a little complex to wire as we have to use a current reversing H bridge driver IC like an L293D. But the advantage is that the current will flow through the full coil. The resulting torque generated by the motor is larger as compared to a uni-polar motor.

Bipolar Stepper Motor Comment
  • Nema Size 17 Stepper Motor Bipolar 45Ncm (64oz.in) 2A 42x40mm 4 Wires w/ 1m Cable & Connector for DIY 3D Printer CNC Rob
    Nothing I can complain about. I just wished I purchased something more powerful for my application. I beat up this motor, held it still while trying step, and turning it while it was trying to hold, but no complaints per the motor. I got it stupid hot in an attempt to really work it, and it still responds quite well. So I only have good recommendations for this motor. (I'm going to order the 84oz motors for my application, and use the same seller :D )
    kevinb_love     21/12/2019
  • Nema 23 Stepper Motor Bipolar 1.8 deg 1.26Nm (178.4oz.in) 2.8A 2.5V 57x57x56mm 4 Wires (23HS22-2804S)CNC Stepping Motor DIY CNC Mill
    The motor has a good torque if provided with appropriate power. (rating changed to 5 stars) OLD COMMENT :Torque at 12V is not impressive. (I think its < 1 N/m because it barely performs better than a nema 17 rated at 0.42 N/m) EDIT: the driver I use (A4988) has a voltage regulator with a screw allowing to increase the voltage. Doing so increased the torque significantly (and the heat production on the driver). So overall my previous comment on torque does not stand, since this was a matter of power supply/driver.
    nick.tracy1980     12/12/2019
  • Nema 23 Stepper Motor Bipolar 3Nm (425oz.in) 4.2A 57x57x114mm 4 Wires CNC Stepper Motor (23HS45-4204S)
    Ware und Lieferung wie beschrieben, alles bestens.
    f.corlier     01/11/2019
  • Nema 23 Stepper Motor Bipolar 1.26Nm (178.4oz.in) 2.8A 2.5V 57x56mm 4 Wires Φ6mm Shaft
    Excellent quality motor. Keep in mind that this Nema 23 motor draws 2.8A per phase (two phase motor) so it should not be driven by small motor drivers. Follow the advice given in the "questions" section and pickup a motor driver that handles this beast. I picked up a few decent ones from ebay and love this thing. It has plenty of torque and speed for my application. I am looking into getting a tiny motor controller or a gshield.
    f.corlier     18/10/2019
  • Nema 17 Stepper Motor Bipolar 59Ncm (84oz.in) 2A 42x48mm 4 Wires w/ 1m Cable & Connector compatible with 3D Printer/CNC
    i originally got nema 17 with 8mm thread built in but they had not enough tork and would slip alot, thought id give theses a try and instant improvement, abit longer than standard motors so check they will fit but are still the standard 40x40mm top and bottom Update. these are so good, i just brought 2 more, so much less heat caused by these motors, barely warm compared to the others, i even lowered the ampage and have more torque if you need more torque, cooler motors and lower voltage to keep motor drivers cooler then these are definatly worth a try, will need 4 more for a delta build and these are the ones i will be using, so much better than the others
    stefi     18/10/2019