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Integrated Stepper Motors

Oyostepper integrated stepper motor combines the stepper motor, stepper driver and encoder.Integrated steppers offer a space-saving design that reduces wiring and saves on cost over separate motor and drive components.Ideally suited for applications such as packaging and labeling, automated test and measurement, automated assembly and life sciences. These stepper motors can be used in many applications, it's easy to connect, the manual of each integrated stepper motor is provided on our site.

Our integrated closed loop stepper motors are a cost-effective alternative to servo motors in applications that do not require high dynamics.The integrated motors combine accurate position and speed control with microstepping to smooth motion and step response.We also offer separate integrated stepper diver if you want to assemble it to other stepper motor. If you have any problem in choosing integrated stepping motors, you can contact us for help, Our experienced technical engineers can help you choose the suitable motor for your application.

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