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Hollow Shaft Stepper Motor

The Benefit of The Hollow Shaft Motor

A hollow shaft step motor has a machined hole running axially through the center of the motor, in place of where the shaft would normally be.Smooth Hollow shaft stepper motor design optimize the machine application greatly , The hollow part mainly in the usage to thread wires and transmit light or other air media ,Smooth hollow shaft stepper motor can save the space and cut the costs quite drastically.

Hollow shaft motors for sale at our store are great for applications that require a special shaft. This includes applications where a lead screw and nut assembly is required to drive the load. The hollow shaft permits a lead screw to be assembled directly to the rotor of the step motor.Another benefit of the hollow shaft motor is that custom shaft assemblies can be added to the motor post-production, without having to disassemble the motor. This makes the hollow shaft motor very flexible for machine designers and improves lead time compared to completely custom motor designs.