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Waterproof Stepper Motor

These IP65 waterproof stepper motors are made of high temperature resistant permanent magnets and quality cold rolled steel sheets. It features low noise, low vibration, low heat generation, and high reliability and stability. Due to its premium internal damping, it runs smoothly and has no obvious oscillation zone, which can meet the needs of different working conditions in the automation industry.The water resistant stepper motors adopts the latest patented stepping driver to better solve the characteristics of traditional stepping motor with low speed climb, low speed torque and low starting frequency.

IP65 waterproof closed loop stepper motors are dust tight motors that have zero ingress of dust permitted and are protected against water jets from any directions. The IP65 Rated Series provides a dust proof operation, and can withstand low-pressure jets of water sprayed from all directions from a distance as close as three meters for extended periods of time. In addition to extended protection from challenging environmental factors, the IP65 rated motors have a food grade coating making them suitable for the “washdown”cycles of food processing applications.

Waterproof stepper motors are wildly used in Drug Manufacturing, Machine Tools, Marine Submersion, Paper Making, Film Processing, Chemical Manufacturing, food and beverage packaging industry, computer embroidery machine. In a word, water resistant stepper motor has many advantages of low torque, fast start-up response, low noise, stable operation, stable control performance and low cost of the whole machine.