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Nema 23 Stepper Motors

A NEMA 23 stepper motor is a stepper motor with a 2.3 x 2.3 inch (58.4 x 58.4 mm) faceplate. Its size is only a coarse indication of its power. The original standard Reprap (Darwin) had a NEMA 23 motor.Our range of NEMA23 Stepper motors are ideally suited for 3D Printer, CNC Machines or any other machine. These are 1.8Deg motors and come in a range of lengths, torque, and current ratings. May it be a simple linear actuator, or for a high torque CNC Machine, we are sure to have a motor to suit. All models come with a flattened shaft to insure the grub screws on pulleys or other mechanical parts will not slip.

We can also customize Nema 16 Stepper Motor's winding to perfectly match voltage, current, and maximum operating speed to meet your requirements.If you want to buy NEMA 23 stepper motor,Our store is definitely your best choice.Our Stepper motor technology utilizes a simple design to create an effective solution for many applications requiring reasonable accuracy and torque. Get a stepper motor that meets your requirements precisely. Shop with confidence!

Nema 23 Stepper Motors Comment
  • Nema 23 Stepper Motor Bipolar 3Nm (425oz.in) 4.2A 57x57x114mm 4 Wires CNC Stepper Motor
    This stepper motor performs very well for my application and exceeded my expectations. I'm using these in a milling cnc I'm building to drive the axis ball screws and have been able to achieve speeds in excess of 2200rpm which with a 5mm pitch screw, translates into 11,000mm/min or over 400IPM. Mass moved during these tests was 60lbs. Granted the torque at this speed is next to nothing for the given voltage but at least is an indicator of where the limitations are. Some details of the setup tested are listed below. Motor driver : M542T (4:1 Microstepping) Power supply: 48V/5A (set to 49.5v) Meanwell NDR series Ball Screw: unbranded - 1605, 700mm Length, BK mount supports, split clamping coupler. Ways: NSK 35mm Linear guides Ramp profile: trapezoidal curve at 600 mm/sec^2 While I haven't tested it but I believe the voltage limit for this motor calculates out to around 60v so one may be able to squeeze out a few hundred more rpm.
    Joel Janssen     01/11/2017
  • Nema 23 Stepper Motor Bipolar 3Nm (425oz.in) 4.2A 57x57x114mm 4 Wires CNC Stepper Motor
    Heavy little beast. Works really well with the microstepper driver I bought. No problems.
    Travis Coleman     29/10/2017
  • Nema 23 Stepper Motor Bipolar 3Nm (425oz.in) 3.5A 57x57x114mm 4 Wires CNC Stepper Motor
    Very good kit!! Thank you
    RAFAEL OSORIO     19/05/2017
  • Nema 23 Stepper Motor Unipolar 1.8 deg 1.35Nm (191.2oz.in) 1A 8.6V 57x57x76mm 6 Wires
    a uni polar stepper motor has 6 wires , two center tap , and 4 signal wires . so that it can be controlled directly from a i/o port ... or with spst relays as a bipolar stepper motor /// practicaly speaking... a unipolar stepper motor is both a bipolar and a unipolar stepper motor at the same time... where-as a bipolar must have reversals in polarity , and can only operarate as bipolar.
    Thomas E. Pierre     13/01/2017
  • Nema 23 Stepper Motor Bipolar 1.8 deg 2.4Nm (340oz.in) 1.8A 4.95V 57x57x104mm 4 Wires
    Very powerful motor which can be used with medium current handling stepper drivers. Using it very successfully with an Arduino and a $10 stepper driver board. Be warned that this motor is relatively larger than other NEMA 23 motors I've seen.
    Bill D     14/12/2016