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Nema 24 Stepper Motors

The Difference Between a NEMA 23 and NEMA 24 Motor

A series of stepper motors with flange 60mmx60mm (also known as NEMA24), slightly larger than the most common NEMA23.The larger internal rotor allows to improve the performance of the application when the load is highly inertial, as it improves the inertia relation between the motor and the load itself.

The frame size difference of the NEMA 23 and 24 is very slight and, depending on the motor mount both will most likely fit. The bigger difference between these stepping motors is the torque. Make sure that the motor that you purchase has the appropriate torque for the axis that it will move. Is is safe to go with the higher torque? Or if the torque is too high for what i need is that bad? You can use a motor with higher torque. Just make sure to select the correct driver for that motor.

Choosing the correct motor for your application can be tricky. If you have any doubts please contact us. We will help you find the premium motor for your application even if it is one we don't sell. If you want to buy NEMA 24 stepper motor,Our store is definitely your good choice.Our Stepper motor technology utilizes a simple design to create an effective solution for many applications requiring reasonable accuracy and torque. Get a stepper motor that meets your requirements precisely. Shop with confidence!

Nema 24 Stepper Motors Comment
  • Dual Shaft Nema Size 24 Stepper Motor CNC Stepper Motor 4Nm (566 oz.in) 60x60x100mm 8 Wires
    I have four of these stepper motors installed on my home built CNC router. They build quality is extremely high and the work flawless every time. Lot of holding torque which is what I needed. At first I had them paired with the M542T stepper drivers and they had a bit of a scream on them. I then changed over to the DM542T stepper drivers which made these excellent stepper motors run so smooth, very quiet and with not a lot of heat generated. This is a product that I can recommend to anybody. It is definitely worth the money paid for it, you will not be disappointed with the purchase.

    Robert Holler     28/11/2017
  • Dual Shaft Nema 24 Stepper Motor Bipolar 3.1Nm (439 oz.in) 3.5A 60x60x88mm 4 Wires
    I purchased this motor to drive the X/Y axis of a CNC machine. Using a DM542T driver and S-350-48 power supply (@ 47 volts), I was able to run this motor at 1350.4 RPM with no issues. Although the driver its self will operate up to 200kHz, this particular motor will stall above 173kHz. Which is still a significant speed. The motor HAS to be accelerated to this speed. Trying to drive it instantly to this speed will result in a stall because of the rotor inertia. The torque at 1350 RPM is low (around 70 inch ounces) The bearings in the motor are of decent quality, but could be upgraded at low cost. Because of the bearings I rate this at 4 stars instead of 5, but it is a good quality motor, and for the price its hard to be beat. I highly recommend it. Shipping was incredibly fast, 3 days from ordered to at my door in the USA.
    Jeff     02/10/2017
  • Dual Shaft Nema 24 Stepper Motor CNC Stepper 3.1Nm (439 oz.in) 60x60x80mm 8 Wires
    Super stepper motor. I have not done too much with it yet, but I set it up as bipolar in parallel and it worked great with my MKS Base 1.4 board. The current is technically over the limit of the driver circuit, but it seems to be fine. I am guessing it would be an issue at high speeds, but at low speed, it seems fine and the IC doesn't even get warm. I have a big print bed and needed more holding torque to keep it from slipping. I am pretty sure I could hold a tank with this one, but I would rather overengineer than underengineer at this point. For the money, this is an awesome stepper motor. Being that it can be configured as unipolar, biplor serial or bipolar parallel, it makes it incredibly flexible and useful for different purposes. The dual shafts is a plus and I am planning on using dual belts on my bed to keep it more stable.
    JohnnieD     26/10/2016
  • Dual Shaft Nema Size 24 Stepper Motor CNC Stepper Motor 4Nm (566 oz.in) 60x60x100mm 8 Wires
    Great motor. It's a bit bigger than regular Nema 23 motor, but hole spacing and sizing and everything, fits everything made for Nema 23. It is also much stronger than any Nema 23 motor that you can get and can be wired to be parallel or serial.
    Alan Tchochiev     24/08/2015