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What is the specific working principle of integrated stepper motors?

Many friends or engineers, when they first come into the use or selection of stepper motors, may be curious about the working principle of stepper motors. So, what is the specific working principle of integrated stepper motors? To understand the working principle of a stepper motor, we must first know its structure and what accessories it consists of. 

 integrated stepper motors
An integrated stepper motor is generally composed of front and rear end covers, bearings, central shaft, rotor core, stator core, stator components, corrugated washers, screws, and other parts. It utilizes the principles of electromagnetics to convert electrical energy into mechanical energy, which is driven by a coil wound around the teeth of the motor stator. Usually, a metal wire wound in a circle is called a solenoid, while in a motor, the metal wire wound around the stator slot is called a winding, coil, or phase. The direction of motor operation is related to the phase sequence of power supply. When changing the phase sequence of power supply, the direction of motor operation is changed. Every time a pulse signal is input, the rotor rotates by an angle or advances one step, and its output angular or linear displacement is proportional to the number of input pulses, while the speed is proportional to the pulse frequency. The speed of the motor is related to the frequency of phase sequence switching, and the faster the switching, the faster the motor rotates.
The working principle of a stepper motor is actually the working principle of an electromagnet. It is an open-loop control stepper motor component that converts electrical pulse signals into angular or linear displacement. By controlling the sequence, frequency, and quantity of electrical pulses applied to the motor coil, the steering, speed, and rotation angle of the stepper motor can be controlled. Combined with linear motion actuators or gearbox devices, more complex and precise linear stepper motor actuator requirements can be achieved.
integrated stepper motors
Integrated stepper motors have been widely used in the following fields.
Industrial automation: Integrated stepper motors can be used in fields such as automatic control systems and industrial machinery, with high accuracy and reliability.
Medical equipment: Integrated stepper motors can be used for control and positioning of medical equipment, such as CT, MRI, and other medical devices.
Smart home: Integrated stepper motor can be used for smart curtains, smart door locks, etc

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