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H100 Series VFD Variable Frequency Drive 3HP 2.2KW 5.6A Three Phase 380V VFD Converter Frequency Converter

H100 Series VFD Variable Frequency Drive 3HP 2.2KW 5.6A Three Phase 380V VFD Converter Frequency Converter
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H100 Series VFD 3HP 2.2KW 5.6A Three Phase 380V Variable Frequency Drive


This VFD with power 3HP(2.2KW) and three phase 380V input voltage. The H100 series is General Variable Frequency Drive(VFD), they are widely used in application of: Textile machines, Packaging machines, Engraving machines, Printing machines, Food machinery, Woodworking machinery, Pump fans, Ceramic machinery, Solar pumps and others.


Key Specification

Rated Input Voltage: 3-Phase 380V

Allowed Input Voltage: 320~460VAC

Input Frequency: 50/60Hz(+/-5%)

Input Current: 6.5A

Power: 3HP(2.2KW)

Output Current: 5.6A

Output Voltage: 0~Rated Input Voltage

Output Frequency: 0~1000Hz

Output Capacity: 150% Rated Current 60s, 180% Rated Current 2s



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Variable Frequency Drive Specification
Input Voltage 3PH 380VAC
Allowed Input Voltage 320 - 460VAC
Input Frequency 50 - 60Hz
Input Current 6.5A(3PH)
Power 3HP / 2.2Kw
Output Current 5.6A
Control Modes V/F, SVC
Output Voltage 0 - Rated Input Voltage
Output Frequency 0 - 1000Hz
Output Capacity 150% Rated Current 60s, 180% Rated Current 2s
Modulation Mode SVPWM
Start Torque 1Hz / 150%
Speed Range 1 : 100(SVC)
Acceleration/Deceleration Curve Line / S-curve
Frequency Accuracy Digital (Max. Frequency+/-0.01%) / Anolog (Max. Frequency+/-1%)
Motor Type Asynchronous Motor, Synchronour Motor, Single Phase Motor
Frequency Resolution Digital (0.1Hz) / Anolog (Max. Frequency+/-1%)
Rapid Current Limit Limit current rapidly within the current protection value, to ensure the safety of the equipment
Command Source Keypad, Terminal, Communication
None-stop When Instantaneous Power Off None-stop when instantaneous power off, automatic frequency drop
Set Value Source Digital, Analog, Multi-speed, Communication
PID Support main setting + PID
External Keypad Yes
LED Display Can display: Output frequency, Output voltage, Output current, Bus voltage, Display value 1, Display value 2, Error, Alarm
Protection Function Over-current protection, Over-voltage protection, Under-voltage protection, Overheating protection, Over-load protection, Phase lose protection, Earth leakage, etc
Altitude Derating use abouve 1000M, derating 10% per 1000M
Environment Temperature -10℃ ~+40℃ (environment temperature around 40℃~50℃, please derating use)
Humidity 5%~95%RH, No condensation
Vibration <5.9M/S (0.6g)
Store Environment Indoor, away from direct sunlight, no dust, no corrosive gas, no inflammable gas, no oil mist, no vapour, no drip and no salinity, etc
Store Temperature -40℃ ~ +70℃
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