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TS Series 1 Axis Closed Loop Stepper CNC Kit 2 Phase 3.0 Nm 4.2A Nema 23 Closed Loop Motor & Driver

TS Series 1 Axis Closed Loop Stepper CNC Kit 2 Phase 3.0 Nm 4.2A Nema 23 Closed Loop Motor & Driver
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TS Series 3.0 Nm/424.92oz.in 1 Axis Closed Loop Stepper CNC Kit Nema 23 Motor & Driver w/ 2m Cable


Items in Kit

1 x 23HS45-4204D-E1000: 3.0Nm Closed loop stepper motor

1 x OK2D42BH: Closed Loop Stepper Driver 0~5.6A 18~70VDC for Nema 17, Nema 23, Nema 24 Stepper Motor

1 x CE2-M2-20: 1.7m motor and encoder extenstion cables


Motor Specification

Part Number: 23HS45-4204D-E1000

Number of phase: 2

Holding Torque: 3.0Nm(424.83oz.in)

Rated Current/phase: 4.2A

Phase Resistance: 0.82ohms

Inductance: 3.6mH ± 20%(1KHz)

Frame Size: 57 x 57mm

Body Length: 138mm

Shaft Diameter: Φ8mm

Shaft Length: 21mm

D-Cut Shaft Length: 15mm

Lead Length: 300mm


Encoder Specification

Output Circuit Type: Differential type

Encoder Type: Optical Incremental

Encoder Resolution: 1000PPR(4000CPR)

Output Signal Channels: 2 channels

Supply Voltage Min: 4V

Supply Voltage Max: 5V

Output Current: 100mA

Output High Voltage: 5V

Output Low Voltage: 4.5V

Output Frequency Max: 60kHZ


Driver Specification

Output Peak Current: 0~5.6A
Input Voltage: +18~70VDC (Typical 36VDC)
Logic Signal Current: 7~16mA (Typical 10mA)
Pulse Input Frequency: 0~200kHz
Encoder current:50mA
Isolation Resistance: 500MΩ
Adopting new 32-bit motor control dedicated dual-core DSP chip;
Adopting advanced vector current and speed and position closed-loop control algorithms;
The static current and dynamic current ratio can be automatically set;
The motor comes with a 1000-line high-precision encoder;
Optocoupler isolated differential signal input;
The impulse response frequency can reach up to 300KHZ;
Subdivided into 16 settings (200~51200) to meet the requirements of most customers;
It has several protection functions such as overcurrent, overvoltage, overspeed, overheating, and excessive tracking error.


Motor and Encoder Connection

PIN 1 2 3 4
Motor A+ A- B+ B-


PIN 2 3 1 13 11 12
Encoder VCC EGND EA+ EA- EB+ EB-


Motor Extension Cable Connection

PIN 1 2 3 4
Color White Green Blue Black


PIN 1 2 3 4
Color Black Green Red Blue


Encoder Extension Cable Connection

PIN 2 3 1 13 11 12
Color Red White Black Blue Yellow Green



Stepper Motor Datasheet: 23HS45-4204D-E1000.pdf

Motor Torque Curve: 23HS45-4204D-E1000_Torque_Curve.pdf

Cable for Debugging (not necessary for V4.0): RS232-1

Debugging Software (not necessary for V4.0): MS10E, MS31B

RS232 to USB Cable: C003

Driver Manual: OK2D42BHmanual.pdf

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Electrical Specification
Holding Torque (Ncm) 300
Holding Torque (oz.in) 424.83
Physical Specification
Frame Size(mm) Nema 23 (57 x 57)
Product Type ClOSED LOOP KIT
Product Series TS Series
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